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Beaux temples et jardins

Kochi, Japon

Beaux temples et jardins


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A short drive takes you to the city, across the Shimoda river and up to Mt.Godaisan, where you’ll visit two of Kochi’s beautiful landmarks overlooking the city.

You’ll visit Chikurinji Temple, set among a forest like landscape and known as a temple of learning, it offers a tranquil setting and an interesting array of halls and structures, including a beautiful five-storied pagoda. The treasure hall displays several Buddhist statues and scrolls of great importance, and the Hondo (main hall) offers a view of the building's interior and a nicely kept garden.

Near Chikurinji temple you’ll find the Makino Botanical Garden, built in 1958 to honor Kochi born and father of Japanese botany, Dr. Tomitaro Makino. The spacious garden, housing about 3000 species of plants, includes extensive walking paths, outdoor parks, a greenhouse and several large museum halls with excellent information and displays on Dr. Makino and his field of study.

The Exhibition Hall’s permanent exhibit focuses on the achievements and life of Dr. Makino. Another feature of the hall is the interactive world of plants, which can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.

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Note: Tour includes approximately 2-hours of walking on both flat and hilly/steep terrain with approximately 150 steps to climb at Chikurinji temple.

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Visites de villes et panorama

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