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Orpaillage, chiens de traîneau et train panoramique

Skagway, Alaska

Orpaillage, chiens de traîneau et train panoramique


  • 6 heures
  • Recommandé pour les familles
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  • Passagers à mobilité réduite
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From here, you will make your way to the Klondike Gold Fields, located on the Skagway River. Upon arrival the mushers will take you into their theater and narrate a short film about the Iditarod Race and the history of Alaskan sled dogs. Then it's on to the mushers’ checkpoint to see and learn about all the equipment and skill it takes to dog race competitively. Finally, you will get to meet the team! The dogs are friendly and excited to show off their skills as they are hooked up and do a demonstration run. When they are finished, you'll get to meet the puppies and hold and cuddle them.

Your tour continues with a humorous and educational show that teaches gold panning. Test your skills with a pan of pay dirt in our heated troughs. Gold is guaranteed! When you are finished, go to the Assayers’ Office and have your gold weighed to see how much money you made.

Next, board a coach and travel to the White Pass Railway where a private car awaits. A special guide will accompany you, helping you during the ride, providing a toast at the summit, a snack, games, stories, and contests to enhance the beautiful ride to the border where all the prospectors of 1898 stopped on their way to the gold fields. Afterwards, return to your ship knowing that you have had the Klondike Gold Fields Alaskan experience.

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Note: This tour includes approximately 2 hours of easy to moderate walking over mostly flat surfaces. Wheelchair guests must have a collapsible wheelchair, be able to enter and exit the coach and train with limited assistance and have an able-bodied companion to assist them. Scooters are not permitted. The tour may not be suitable for those with mobility concerns who are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. This tour does not allow children under 2 years old.

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Les excursions associées à ce niveau d’activité comprennent des circuits pédestres sur des terrains plus ou moins plats, parfois pavés, graveleux ou encore ascendants. Des chaussures confortables sont recommandées.
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