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Castle Park, Shrine, & Mt. Fuji Views

Shimizu, Japon

Castle Park, Shrine, & Mt. Fuji Views


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Explore a park built around a nearly 400-year-old castle, an unusual shrine complex and a coastal pine grove that offers a stunning view of Mount Fuji. You will drive inland to Sunpu Castle Park, an expansive oasis developed around the ruins of a castle where the legendary Shogun warrior Ieyasu once lived. While the moats and walls are original, some of what you will see is a reproduction, including the main gate and the structure from which heavy stones were dropped on invaders. Inside, you will find a bronze statue of Ieyasu with a falcon on his arm.

Visit nearby Shizuoka Sengen, a shrine complex that consists of three main shrines and other smaller ones. The architecture is Momoyama, which extensively uses lacquer, wooden carvings and gold leaf. Still, the highlight is the collection of traditional artifacts on display, such as swords, armor suits and musical instruments. The worship hall offers a spectacular view of snowcapped Mount Fuji looming in the distance.

Mount Fuji also plays a dominant role as the backdrop for the seaside pine grove Miho no Matsubara. The grove consists of more than 50,000 pine trees, including a 650-year-old tree thought to have mythical powers. The view from the shore with Mount Fuji lording over the scenery has been rated one of the top three views in Japan.

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Note: There will be sand, concrete and gravel paths, as well as a significant number of steps to negotiate. Those wishing to make any purchases should bring along local currency. Views of Mt. Fuji are weather dependent.

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