Cruise Norwegian App Survey

We want your feedback! Let us know about your experience with the Cruise Norwegian App.

How likely are you to:
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Recommend this app to a friend
Use this app on a future cruise
5=Very Likely; 3=Neutral; 1=Not at all
Rate how easy it was to:
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Download this app
Login into the app
5=Very Easy; 3=Neutral; 1=Very Difficult
Which type of phone do you have?
Did you use the app to book / reserve one of the following:
Rate the ease of use for for the following features in the App:
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Shore Excursion Information
Dining and Menu Information
Onboard Account / Purchase Review
What's Happening
General Onboard Information (Spa, Bars & Lounge, Entertainment, Onboard Shopping)
5=Excellent; 3=Average; 1=Very Bad
Did you purchase the Call & Message Package?
Rate the following features of the Call & Message:
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Onboard Call Quality
Off the Ship Call Quality
Messaging Quality (Text)
Group Messaging Quality (Group Chat)
Adding & Sharing Contacts
Use of Voicemail
5=Excellent; 3=Average; 1=Very Bad
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