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הרי האש וטיול גמלים

ארסיפה (לנזרוטה), האיים הקנריים

הרי האש וטיול גמלים


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Enjoy a drive to the southern part of Lanzarote, passing the picturesque villages of Macher and Uga and crossing black lava streams before arriving to the southwest coast of the island. There you’ll make a photo stop by Los Hervideros where the sea water seems to boil in a volcanic cave. On your way to the Timanfaya National Park, you’ll stop for a short camel ride. The park is a natural museum of unique beauty. Bizarre craters, streams of lava and fields of ashes formed by eruptions during the 18th century are mixed here in a nearly unrealistic lunar landscape. Upon arrival to Islote de Hilario, a crater with the highest surface temperatures in the region, you’ll experience still-existing activity not far underground as you gather around for the fun demonstrations. The geothermal energy is so strong that water gushes up and dry weed catches fire within seconds. Board a coach to embark on a tour of the Fire Mountains called the "Lunar Route”, which goes deep inside the heart of the national park and lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Through a recorded narration, you’ll learn about the history of the volcanic eruptions and see how slowly life conquers the inhospitable landscape with very few endemic plants. From here you’ll drive to the wine-growing area of La Geria where the locals have modified grape growing through the centuries in order to preserve the vines from the harsh natural elements and provide a special cultivation for the grapes that produce the famous Malvasia wine. These vines are grown inside dimple-like craters and surrounded by volcanic stone semi-circles (called Zocos), built for each individual vine to provide much needed protection from the fierce winds. Visit one of the local wine cellars for a taste of the local wine before the return drive to your ship.

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Note: Because Fire Mountains is the most visited attraction, to avoid delays at the entrance, tour order may vary but all mentioned sites will be covered. No professional camera or video equipment is allowed at Timanfaya National Park, including the camel area. Comfortable shoes and a light jacket are recommended.

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