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Bully Boy Distillery & Mixology Class

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Bully Boy Distillery & Mixology Class


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Take a private tour of Bully Boy Distillery, where you will sample a selection of handcrafted spirits and enhance your bartending skills through an entertaining mixology class.

After departing from the pier, you will settle in for an enlightening panoramic drive through downtown Boston, one of America’s most historically important cities. That history extends to the production of fine spirits, as you will discover at Bully Boy Distillers. It is named after a draft horse that worked the founders’ family farm in the 1900s.

During a private tour of the facility, you will learn about Boston’s rich distilling history and observe the process in which Bully Boy creates its spirits. Admittedly, the distillers “obsess over every drop that comes off the still,” and you will taste how their passion influences their end products.

Once seated in the tasting room and cocktail bar, you will sample a number of Bully Boy spirits. You might try a glass of whiskey aged in charred oak barrels, a silky vodka made with locally grown corn, and a flavorful rum that honors New England’s tradition of producing rum since the 1600s. Light snacks will also be served.

You will then be treated to a class in mixology, during which you will learn the attributes of premium spirits and how best to create your favorite cocktails. By the end of class, you should be skilled enough to make a variety of cocktails with confidence and panache.

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Note: This tour includes approximately 2 hours of walking. It is available to guests who utilize a collapsible wheelchair, are able to both make their way on and off the coach and have a companion to assist them. Those guests with mobility concerns are cautioned to evaluate their personal level of ability and stamina. Minimum age to participate is 21 years. Casual, weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable, flat walking shoes are suggested.

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