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2דרכים לקילוואה


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The lush greenery of Hilo gives way to stark black rock in Kalapana, a village completely destroyed by advancing lava in 1990. You’ll see how the volcano engulfed everything in its path, completely filling in Kaimu Bay and covering what was the best swimming beach on the island. Fortunately nature has provided a replacement – walk across now hardened rock to the new, beautiful black sand beach. Travel along the scenic Puna coastline to where the jagged 40-foot lava cliffs of MacKenzie State Park meet the Pacific Ocean for an amazing view.

Explore Lava Tree State Park, a rainforest that happened to be in the path of a lava flow. The trees burned from the inside out, leaving hollow stone skeletons. Now covered with moss, they make for an eerie panorama.

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Note: Participants must be at least 3 years of age. If you have any back problems, existing heart conditions, or are pregnant, this tour is not for you. You must wear sturdy closed-toe shoes. The order of the itinerary may change, and molten lava will not be seen.

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