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קרלנדייק, בונייר

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Savor the flavors of Bonaire on this tour that showcases both the natural and man-made beauty of the island. After a drive through Kralendijk, you’ll travel along the scenic route up the coast for views of the ocean, huge candelabra cacti and mesquite trees. If you look to the west, you'll no doubt see the small and uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire. Continue on to Goto Lake, a natural salt water lake and a feeding ground for the island's shy pink flamingos. Ride along narrow tree-lined country lanes which will bring you to Dos Pos (Two Wells), a natural drinking well for animals.

You’ll head into the heart of island towards the picturesque Rincon Valley, once home to the Arawak Indians. After explorer Amerigo Vespucci landed here in 1499, they were forced into slavery and taken to plantations in Hispaniola.

Later, slaves were brought here from Africa to work on the ranches and in the salt fields. As you drive through the village, your guide will point out sites of interest. You’ll be able to get a taste of the island with a visit to the popular outdoor venue, where you sample locally produced Cactus liqueur.

Continue your drive along the stunning east coast for views of the ocean and then travel south to the salt flats and mountains. Along the way your guide will explain how salt is produced today and how it was mined by the slaves in the 19th century. Visit the original slave huts which were used as shelters for the slaves working in the salt pans and see the cone shaped white salt mountains before, heading back to your cruise ship pier.

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Tours with this activity level involve walking over relatively level terrain, possibly some cobblestone, gravel, or a few steps. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
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