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ספארי Sea Eagle בסירת RIB

לקנס, איי לופוטן, נורווגיה

ספארי Sea Eagle בסירת RIB


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Board a rigid inflatable boat RIB for an exhilarating adventure. Walk a short distance along the pier, put on your waterproof safety suit and receive a briefing. Then, it’s time for some adrenaline-pumping offshore excitement.

Departing Leknes Harbor, you’ll cruise past sweeping vistas of steep mountains and white sand beaches. Look out for sea eagles soaring in the clear blue sky. Throttle back to stop at the local villages of Mortsund and Ballstad. You’ll also visit a salmon farm and have the chance to learn more about the fishing process before heading back to Leknes after this action-packed day on the water.

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Note: Although it involves minimal walking, a certain level of agility is required to access the RIB. This tour is not suitable for pregnant women or guests with back problems and infants are not permitted. Excursion is dependent upon favorable weather conditions and may be cancelled on short notice.

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