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חוויה בדאצ'ה

פטרופבלובסק, רוסיה

חוויה בדאצ'ה


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Countryside views and a glimpse of Russian life, which for many city dwellers includes the enjoyment of a second or seasonal home, called a dacha, as well as folk show are the highlights of this three-hour excursion.

Your approximately 40-minute journey through the countryside takes you to a dacha, as you admire the beautiful scenery along the way. Experience a part of Russian history and lifestyle and enjoy a special lunch that has been arranged just for you. Meet and talk with the local people, taste a traditional Russian meal followed by tea and pancakes served with jam made with local berries, and be entertained by a Russian folk-style performance.

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סיורי נופים ועיר
טעימות יין ואוכל מקומיים

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