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West Island Drive & Ava Ceremony

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West Island Drive & Ava Ceremony


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Witness one of the most esteemed ceremonies in Samoan culture, performed at a traditional village and enjoy a scenic drive with photo stops along the way.

Begin your tour with a drive west, during which you'll delight in the island's natural beauty and historic landmarks. Highlights include the monolithic Fatu-ma-Futi or Flowerpot Rock that rises straight out of the ocean as if standing sentinel at the entrance to Pago Pago Bay. Your tour carries on back towards the west end of Tutuila, to the village of Leone, the original capital of American Samoa. It is also the proud grounds of the London Mission Church and Monument where missionaries first successfully landed in 1830. Stop at the Leone Healing Garden Monument, a memorial to the victim’s lost in the 2009 Tsunami and the Leala Coastline.

Samoans still cherish traditional ways, especially with regard to ceremonies and social occasions. You’ll be able to participate and witness one of the oldest and still practiced welcoming ceremonies in the island. The Ava Ceremony is performed at the beginning of all important services and gatherings and promotes unity and respect among groups. Visitors are greeted and seated in a semi-circle facing the Chiefs. The solemn ritual involves a speech given by the high chief, preparation and drinking of the ceremonial beverage.

Need to Know:

Note: Transportation is via wooden island buses, with bench style seats, with no air-conditioning. Due to the limited tourism infrastructure in this part of the world, there is a lack of professional tour guides. We may use students with basic English language skills, that are eager to share their country with you and make your visit enjoyable. Due to local culture, conservative attire is required; skimpy or revealing outfits are not appropriate on tour.

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