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Geothermal Fields, Vikings & the Blue Lagoon

רייקיאוויק, איסלנד

Geothermal Fields, Vikings & the Blue Lagoon


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A pleasant drive takes you through Hafnarfjordur town, picturesquely located on an ancient lava flow. Take a road less traveled, along the enchanting Kleifarvatn Lake. One of the deepest lakes in Iceland, it offers a great photo opportunity and a chance to stretch your legs.

Reach the geothermal fields of Krysuvik, shaped by volcanic eruptions and the violent movements of the earth. Here you’ll witness the powerful jets of steam escaping from deep below the earth’s crust and purple and yellow pools of boiling mud of the solfataras.

Head across the impressive volcanic plateau of Reykjanes, crossing the bustling fishing village of Grindavik. As you make your way over the lava-covered Reykjanes peninsula to the outskirts of the little town of Njardvik and the Viking Museum. The museum has five independent exhibitions about the Viking Age and the settlement of Iceland, including a Smithsonian exhibition about the Vikings of the North Atlantic. Its main attraction is the Viking ship Íslendingur (the Icelander), an exact seaworthy replica of a Viking vessel that was discovered in Norway in 1182.

Nearby is the Blue Lagoon, with its warm, mineral-rich and healing waters. The blue color of the water, the steam and the 13-foot high lava wall surrounding the Lagoon succeed in creating a unique atmosphere. This natural and very popular health spa is now a major attraction in the region, one of the most visited places on the island. This is not a swimming-pool for regular swimming, rather a unique relaxing bathing experience which you will definitely enjoy.

Need to Know:

Note: We recommend that you wear warm clothing in layers and sturdy shoes ashore as the weather in Iceland can change quite quickly Participants must be at least 2 years of age. It is mandatory for children 2-8 to wear inflatable armbands in the lagoon; provided free of charge. There are no children day-care facilities at Blue Lagoon. Parents must supervise their own children at all times. This tour is not recommended for guests with limited mobility. Guests with respiratory problems and pregnant women must check with their health care provider before taking this tour. Guest will get a wristband which they can use to buy drinks in the lagoon and pay on the way out – It also includes one complementary drink. Please bring swimwear. For hygienic purposes, and as per local custom, all guests must take a full shower without swimwear before entering the lagoon.

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