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Coastal Cruise & Cultural Experience

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Coastal Cruise & Cultural Experience


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Cruise along the picturesque coast of Dixon Cove while learning about the ecosystem and then relax at a beach club and watch a cultural performance by the local Garifuna people.

After departing from the pier, you will soon cruise along the beautiful coast of Dixon Cove in a covered boat. You will notice that the shore is rimmed with mangroves, woody trees with leggy roots that are exposed during low tide. Mangroves have adapted to the tidal conditions and are able to survive in the salty, oxygen-poor soil.

As you cruise along, the narrator will explain how mangroves protect the shoreline from erosion and provide a rich habitat for various animals. The intricate root system creates a safe haven for fish, especially small fish that would otherwise be preyed on.

Following the cruise around the cove, you will pause for photos at an overlook that offers extraordinary views of the tropical landscape and turquoise waters beyond. You might also browse the stands of local handicrafts.

Afterwards, you will visit a beach club where you can enjoy the amenities as you please. You might stretch out on lounge chair and bask in the sun, stroll along the shore and relax in the shade while gazing out at the magnificent scenery.

To enhance your understanding of the local Garifuna culture, you will be treated to a folkloric performance of songs and dances that has changed little over the centuries. The Garifunas will also offer tasty samples of their traditional foods.

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