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21st Century Shanghai & Maglev Train


21st Century Shanghai & Maglev Train


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Experience the most modern forms of transportation and architecture in Shanghai during a thrilling ride on the Maglev Train and a scenic visit to Lujiazui. Made with groundbreaking German technology, the Magnetic Levitation Train, also known as the Maglev Train, is Shanghai's newest, state-of-the-art mode of transportation. The wheel-less Maglev floats on an electromagnetic cushion, and is propelled along a guideway at incredible speeds. Built at a cost of over $1 billion U.S., the Maglev runs for 20.5 miles from Long Yang Lu Station to the Pudong International Airport. It can reach speeds of up to 200 mph, the fastest ever recorded for any ground-operated mode of transport.

Drive to the Long Yang Lu Station at New Pudong District, where you will board the Maglev Train for an 8-minute ride to the Pudong Airport. During the ride, you will experience the sensation of flying as the train instantly accelerates to maximum speed. Following a short pause, as other passengers depart or board the train, the train will take you back to Long Yang Lu Station. You will also visit the Maglev Technology Exhibition Center, where photographs, pictures and detailed explanations tell how the Maglev train emerged from science fiction to present day reality.

After re-boarding your coach, you will visit the Lujiazui area of the New Pudong District. Developed from farmland only a decade ago and now home to numerous high-rise office buildings, this area has become the financial center of China. From here, you will continue on for a visit to the futuristic Jinmao Building, the most renowned skyscraper in Shanghai. At the Observation Lounge, you will take in spectacular panoramic views and photo opportunities of Shanghai on both sides of the Hangpu River.

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