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סיור בעיר טרומסה ורכבל אל פסגת הר סטורסטיינן

טרומסו, נורווגיה

סיור בעיר טרומסה ורכבל אל פסגת הר סטורסטיינן


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Your tour starts with a drive through the city of Tromso to the Tromso Museum. This is the largest museum and research institute in northern Norway, with sections devoted to geology, botany, zoology, archaeology, modern cultural history and Sami ethnography.

Cross the Tromso Bridge and discover the modern architecture of the breathtaking Arctic Cathedral - a mighty structure dominated by a beautiful stained glass window depicting the Resurrection of Christ. You’ll also take a ride on the cable car up 1,378 feet/420 meters to Mount Storsteinen from where you’ll have a beautiful view of the Tromso, the sea and the mountains.

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Note: This tour includes walking on asphalt and gravel, with a slight uphill walk to the Arctic Cathedral and numerous steps at the cable car. Not suitable for guests with walking difficulties.

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