Are reservations required?

Yes, Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis through the reservation system.

The system will only allow a guest to book 2 consecutive Time Block Sessions. Most Time Block Sessions are noted in 1 hour and 50 minute increments with a 10 minute transitional pick up window; however an earlier pick up will be allowed.

*Be sure to register your child and make reservations for the desired time block once onboard with the Nursery Attendant.

What are Guppies Nursery hours of operation?

Is a registration required?

What if my child needs to nap? Crib vs Non-Crib.

How much is Guppies Nursery service, not including Late Night?

What are the Guppies Nursery Late Night hours?

How much is Guppies Nursery Late Night?

Are reservations required for Guppies Nursery Late Night?

What happens if I no show for the Time Block Session?

What is the cancellation policy for Guppies Nursery?

Will I be charged if I pick up my child late?

What is the Drop Off and Pick Up Process for Guppies Nursery?

What if I want to use the Guppies Nursery on a Port Day?

How will the Nursery Attendants communicate with parents?

What are the approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

What are the non-approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

What is the Nappy Changing and Bathroom use process?

What is the policy for crying babies?

What if my child needs SPECIAL attention or has a medical condition?

What is the Guppies Nursery 5-Step Discipline Policy for Children under 3 years old?

What are the staff credentials?

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