What if my cruise history is incorrect?

If a cruise is missing in your cruise history, you have 12 months from the return date of the cruise to claim the missing points. Log in to My NCL and go to ‘Latitudes Rewards’ tab. Click on the 'Don't see a past reservation?' link on the 'Cruise History' tab and submit the information requested. To receive points for a missing cruise, you may be asked to provide your reservation number, a copy of your cruise ticket (eDocs), and/or key card. All enquiries will be addressed in the order they were received. We kindly ask that requests for missing cruise only be submitted if the required criteria have been met (i.e. within 12 months of end of cruise).

We can only credit your Latitudes account with missing points for cruises taken within the last 12 months.

What are Rewards points?

How do I earn Rewards points?

How many points are needed to reach each tier level?

When are Rewards points applied to my account?

Will I still earn the additional points if I change the promotion on my reservation?

Do chartered cruises or cruises with travel agent rates receive Rewards points?

If I cancel a cruise, will I receive Rewards points?

How do I receive my Onboard Discounts?

How do I contact Latitudes Rewards customer service?

What are Latitudes Insider Offers?

Are benefits the same for international guests?

What are the requirements for enrolling into Latitudes Rewards?

Will I receive additional Rewards points if my reservation was booked with the LATOFFER Promotion?

If I change tier level during a back to back cruise, will I receive the benefits for our next tier?

When will I be enrolled in Latitudes Rewards?

When will I be able to take advantage of the benefits?

How do I know if I’m enrolled?

How do I see my Rewards points, tier level or cruise history online?

I know I’m a Latitudes Rewards member, so why don’t I see my Latitudes information when I log in?

We upgraded to a Suite but did not receive the additional points. Why?

What is my Latitudes Rewards number?

Why is it important to use my Latitudes Rewards number every time I book or when I register online?

What if I have multiple Latitudes Rewards numbers? Which one do I use?

I have booked and paid for 3 staterooms but only received points for one. Why?

Will I receive Rewards points for cruises taken on Norwegian’s sister ships?

Why did the programme change?

Does the refreshed programme affect the way I earn points?

How did the refreshed point structure affect the tiers?

Which cruises do not qualify for Rewards points?

If I am on a cruise but will not qualify to earn Rewards points, will I still receive the onboard benefits for my tier?

If I book a cruise in 2016 but sail in 2017, which benefits will I receive on board?

If I cruise with a Latitudes Member whose tier level differs from my own, which benefits will I receive?

Do I receive my Shore Excursion and Photo Discounts if I pre-book before my sailing?

Which benefits are delivered directly to my stateroom?

Is there still a cocktail party on board?

How do I redeem my discounted or free bag of laundry?

What do the specialty dinner benefits cover?

Can I still split the dinner for two vouchers if I am a solo traveller (two meals for one person)?

I am now an Ambassador member, how do I claim my complimentary cruise?

I am now an Ambassador member, what does my complimentary cruise entitle me to?

How and when can I enroll in Latitudes Rewards?

What are the benefits of joining Latitudes Rewards?

Will I keep my current tier status with the change to the point structure of the new programme?

Can I transfer my Latitudes Rewards points to a friend or family member?

Which benefits are delivered per person and per stateroom?

What does my discount in the duty-free shops entitle me to?

Are the Shore Excursion discounts for everyone on the reservation given to the guest in the stateroom with the highest tier?

How do I find out the details of the Concierge Service, Priority Restaurant and Entertainment Seating, Priority Tender Tickets, and Priority Disembarkation?

What does the Dinner with Officers benefit include?

Can I upgrade my Ambassador level complimentary cruise from a balcony to a Suite or The Haven?

Can I upgrade my Ambassador level complimentary cruise from a 7-day sailing to a longer sailing?

Can I make any changes to the ship and sailing date for my Ambassador level complimentary cruise once confirmation has been provided?

What happens if I cancel my Ambassador level complimentary cruise within the standard Norwegian cancellation period?

Can I transfer my Ambassador level complimentary cruise to a friend or family member?

How long do I have to take my complimentary cruise once I become an Ambassador member?

Can I book my Shore Excursions on board my sailing?

Is the Shore Excursion discount combinable with the Shore Excursion credit from Norwegian’s Free at Sea offer?

Does the Shore Excursion discount show on my onboard folio?

Can I apply my Shore Excursion discount after I return home from my cruise?

If I don’t use my specialty dinner voucher on one sailing, can I use it on another sailing?

I have an existing full fare reservation. Can I convert this to my complimentary cruise?

Can I use two Ambassador level complimentary cruises for a back-to-back or 14 day sailing?

Will I earn Latitudes Rewards points on my Ambassador level complimentary cruise?

Are the benefits per tier level available on all sailings?

How do I receive my internet package Discount?

What internet packages are eligible for my discount?

How do I find out the details of the Exclusive Cocktail Party, Behind-the-Scenes Ship Tour, Dinner with Officers, Wines Around the World Tasting, and Sail & Sustain Mixology Experience?

I am travelling with other Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, or Ambassador guests in the same stateroom. Do we each get a voucher?

Will I still receive two dinners for two if I sail with a guest who is not Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, or Ambassador?

How many dinners will I receive if I am a Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, or Ambassador member and the other person travelling with me is none of these tier levels?

Will we receive four dinners for two if I sail with a guest who is Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, or Ambassador?

What are member cruises?

I am now a Diamond member, how do I claim my one-time complimentary cabin upgrade?

What cabin categories are included in the one-time complimentary cabin upgrade?

What is the special Ambassador gift?

If I am already an Ambassador prior to the programme refresh on January 10, 2022, will I still receive my special Ambassador gift?

When do I get my signature tier pin?

I am a Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond, or Ambassador. How do I contact the dedicated pre-cruise service desk?

Latitudes Rewards FAQs

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