Premium Air Services

Air travel customised for you.

Many times air travel isn't as simple as Point A to Point B. You might want to spend a few days in a certain city on your way to the ship, or you'd prefer to travel First or Business Class. That's where our Premium Air Service comes in. Whatever you need, the Premium Air Service Desk will take care of it.

Once your Premium Air request has been confirmed, the following non-commissionable administrative fee will be added to all bookings, including incentive groups:

  • $50.00 per guest, non-commissionable administrative fee.
  • Upon receipt of the confirmation, any discrepancies, changes or cancellations to the flight itinerary must be communicated prior to the option date on the confirmation letter. After this time the $50.00 per person administrative fee will become nonrefundable and any further changes to the flight itinerary will result in additional per guest fees.
  • Any additional air differential charges imposed as a result of the preferred air itinerary request will be the sole responsibility of the guest and are non-commissionable to the travel agent.
  • Airport transfers are not included, but may be purchased through our Reservations Desk.


The types of customised flight itinerary requests handled by the Premium Air Service Desk are date deviations, nonstop service, specific airline, specific flights or specific departure time, stopovers, upgrades to business or first-class and gateways not offered in the Air Sea programme. Guests from different gateways travelling in the same stateroom who wish to arrive/depart at the same time, or meet at a connecting point should also utilise the Premium Air Service Desk, as well as guests travelling as part of a group who wish to travel together.

Norwegian Cruise Line will not responsible for any expenses or other consequences resulting from inclement weather, strikes, changes/delays in the ship's schedule or routing made by a passenger, travel agent or airline.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:30pm at 800-040-1182.

Please call, email or fax in your request to:

Norwegian Cruise Line
Telephone: 800-040-1182
Fax: 305.468.2123
Requests are subject to availability, please do not include email attachments or fax cover sheets.

NCL's Flight Assistance Hotline - While Travelling En-Route

Air travel can be a bit challenging these days. It's good to know we're always by your side with our Flight Assistance Hotline, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

U.S. & Canada: 800-040-1182
All Other Countries: 800-040-1182

Important: The above numbers are for emergency use only for unforeseen delays. If you have any other questions, please contact your travel agent. Norwegian Cruise Line is not responsible for any airline delays.

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