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Shore Excursion Details

Cerro Negro Hike

Corinto, Nicaragua

Cerro Negro Hike


  • 7
    hrs Estimate Duration
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  • Hiking

Cerro Negro Volcano, its name means Black Hill which perfectly describes this unusual mountain. It is one of the youngest volcanoes in Central America and one of the most active in Nicaragua. Rising out of the green trees, the black walls create a striking contrast with the surroundings. You’ll first hike on trails of black dunes created from lava.

As you reach the foot of the volcano, you’ll begin an easy climb up to the first of two active and colorful craters. Along with your guide follow the edge of the crater to the second crater and the highest point of the volcano. You’ll spend some time on the top enjoying the views the plains, highlands and the Pacific Ocean. Then some fun awaits you in the form of a spectacular descent through loose rocks and sand of the black slopes. After, you'll continue to the town of Leon for lunch.

Need to Know:

Note: Participants must be at least 8 years of age and must be in general good health and have full use of their limbs. Pregnant women and those with a history of seizure disorders, or heart problems should not participate. It is an approximate 2 hour drive to the volcano

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