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Mangrove Discovery

Nouméa, Nuova Caledonia

Mangrove Discovery


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Walk through a coastal forest of mangroves for a glimpse of Noumea’s rich biodiversity and then get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape from atop a once-fortified lookout.

Drive past the bays and beaches of French-influenced Noumea to the Ouemo Peninsula. A forest of mangroves, whose aerial roots are intricately intertwined for support, covers much of the area.

As you walk along a raised wooden boardwalk, you will learn about these ingenious plants and how they have adapted to their environment. For instance, mangroves thrive in saltwater that would kill other plants, hoard fresh water in their waxy leaves, and breathe air through snorkel-like roots when the tide rolls out. The plants also prevent erosion, filter toxins, and provide protection for a variety of marine animals and seabirds. You many spot some of these specialized creatures such as the mangrove crab, whose claws are so powerful that they can crack the shells of crustaceans, and the mudskipper, an amphibious fish that uses its pectoral fins to walk on land. Aquatic birds such as egrets and rails look for food around the roots of the mangroves.

Following your walk, you will drive to a nearby lookout that presents a panoramic view across the bay to Mount Dore. Two cannons perch atop the lookout. While they once provided protection, they were never fired in battle.

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Note: We recommend you use insect repellent and adequate sun protection. While wildlife sightings are likely, they are not guaranteed.

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