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Nouméa, Nuova Caledonia

Museo marittimo


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Trace New Caledonia’s seafaring past during a tour of the Museum of Maritime History, followed by a relaxing stop at one of Noumea’s most beautiful beaches.

Enjoy a brief but scenic drive through New Caledonia’s French-influenced capital of Noumea. Being a somewhat isolated island in the South Pacific, New Caledonia has always had strong ties to the sea.

Much of this seafaring past is beautifully displayed in the Museum of Maritime History, which appropriately is located on James Cook Avenue. Cook, the famed British cartographer, explorer and captain, visited New Caledonia during a voyage in the 1770s. The museum contains approximately 4,000 items, many of them from shipwrecks in the area. The most famous is that of the French explorer La Perouse, who in 1788 was lost at sea in the Solomon Islands northeast of Australia. His two sunken frigates weren’t found until 2005, when his sextant was discovered, which confirmed that the ships were La Perouse’s.

After browsing the museum, you will continue on to lovely crescent-shaped Kuendu Bay. During free time here, you might stretch your legs, take photos of the azure sea or simply relax in the incredibly peaceful setting.

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I tour con questo livello di attività comprendono passeggiate su un terreno relativamente pianeggiante, con eventualmente un po' di ciottoli, ghiaia o qualche gradino. Si raccomandano scarpe comode.
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