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Canale di Beagle ed Estancia Harberton

Ushuaia, Argentina

Canale di Beagle ed Estancia Harberton


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Cruise Beagle Channel, pausing for photos at islands populated with sea lions, cormorants and penguins, and then explore the first farm built in Argentine Tierra del Fuego.

After departing from the pier, you will soon board a catamaran and sail into Beagle Channel, the strait that separates Argentina from Chile in the south. The waterway is named for the British ship HMS Beagle, in which Charles Darwin explored the area in 1833-1834.

Islands dot the channel and the rocky coast is wild and wonderful with forests to the water’s edge and the southern Andes in the far distance. Few places on earth are so pristine and unaffected by what little civilization there is.

Approaching Sea Lions’ Island, you will see dozens of the namesake mammals clustered on the rocks. The males are typically twice the size of the females and weigh nearly 800 pounds. While pausing for photos at nearby Bird Island, you will notice that the main inhabitants are Imperial Cormorants and Magellanic Cormorants, which are also known as rock shags.

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse is another photo-worthy site, as are the Magellanic penguins on the neighboring islands. These highly social birds will often come up to the catamaran, the perfect opportunity for a close up.

Following this encounter, you will stop at Estancia Harberton, an 1886 farm in Argentine Tierra del Fuego with outbuildings and a family cemetery tucked into a nature reserve. Enjoy a boxed lunch here before boarding a coach for the journey back to the pier. Your scenic route will follow a winding course alongside the Lasifashaj River that flows within the Fuegian forest.

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