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Elvis Duran & The Morning Show Talk Cruising Alaska with Norwegian

Exploring Alaska is on the bucket list of just about any traveler – the pristine land, the vast glaciers, the whales, the people, the history - it all makes America’s largest state a must-see destination. So, what is so special about cruising Alaska, and why should you do it with Norwegian?

We asked the legendary crew (and Norwegian's partners) of Elvis Duran & The Morning Show to share what has made their Norwegian cruises so special. They discuss "diving" into nature (even while on board), their most unforgettable moments and the next cruise they want to take (Elvis is planning his first Alaska cruise in 2022!).

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Norwegian Cruises Alaska
Norwegian Bliss' Godfather Elvis Duran

Q: Our tagline for Alaska is “Let the Outside In.” What do those words mean to you?

Elvis: On Norwegian Bliss (a ship to which yes, I am the Godfather), I look forward to one day soon indulging in a cocktail, or six, and enjoying the incredible Alaskan air from the beautiful outdoor promenade. To try and do this all yourself is next to impossible, and that’s exactly what Norwegian does best: they make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE.

Froggy: Whether it’s dining outside on The Waterfront, walking on the decks or just lounging by the pool (yes – you can do that in Alaska!), the air in Alaska was the purest air I’ve ever experienced.

Being outside and taking in the most amazing views is something we still talk about as a family years later. I would definitely say the best way to experience Alaska is with Norwegian.

Danielle: I can answer this question with one of my favorite memories of all time - standing on my balcony and going through the Inside Passage.

I mean, it was breathtaking. I actually cried because I could not believe something that beautiful is out there. If it was not for Norwegian, how could I have ever done that?!

Norwegian Cruises Alaska
Elvis Duran's Morning Show Family (Photo courtesy of Elivs Duran's Morning Show Team)

Q: What were your most unforgettable moments aboard your Alaska cruise?

Elvis: I truly can’t wait to experience Alaska on Norwegian. Booking once-in-a-lifetime excursions, taking you to the most incredible places (that our cast members have NOT STOPPED raving about), truly speaks to what makes cruising so unique. You can do everything in the world, all in just one week! Where else can you ride around a racetrack and then go sledding with dogs? Can’t think of too many. 

Froggy: When I think of Alaska, I think of the Inside Passage and dog sledding.

Those are two moments I'll never forget, and moments we will look back on - to this day - and still cherish. I know not all cruise lines can go through the Inside Passage, which made me appreciate NCL even more. I can't image there's anything better than that in Alaska!!

Danielle: One of our favorite moments was dining at La Cucina while outside - staring at the most amazing Alaskan backdrop – snow-capped mountains! It was breathtaking. 

Q: You’ve all been on numerous cruises with friends & family, what makes cruising on Norwegian so special and unique?

Elvis: Walking on a Norwegian ship, you are greeted by the most fantastic crew that makes you feel like you’re not at home (in a good way), yet completely comfortable. Hearing Froggy and Danielle’s experience to Alaska made me even more excited to book my next stay. I took my first cruise with no expectations of what was to come, and what I got were memories to last a lifetime.

Danielle: Froggy and I actually did the Alaska cruise together with our families, and I can honestly say it was one of the best vacations we have ever been on. 

The kids loved the aquapark and the cool slides. They loved getting ice cream anytime they wanted. Norwegian offers the most amazing excursions - we went on a helicopter ride and landed on top of a glacier and then went dog sledding!!!  I mean…. amazing. Our families have always been close, but this bonded us even more. 

Norwegian Cruises Alaska
Slitte trainate da cani in Alaska.
Norwegian Cruises Alaska
Danielle Dog Sledding (Photo courtesy of Elivs Duran's Morning Show Team)

Froggy: Cruising is the only vacation we’ve found as a family where everyone truly enjoys themselves the entire time. My wife and I love every aspect of it, but our son who has grown up vacationing on cruises loves every minute of it as well. As a parent, it’s hard to please the kids all the time - cruising makes it easy, and has given us great vacation memories to last a lifetime.

Q: Elvis, you’re a cocktail connoisseur, do you have a favorite beverage aboard our ship?

Elvis: Honestly, getting to know the bartenders on board is one of my favorite parts of the cruising experience. Most recently, we broadcasted on board a Norwegian ship, and my biggest take away was how much they were excited to get back to work. Where else does that happen! Hearing their stories and learning more about where they are from, and who they are, makes cruising on a Norwegian ship feel so personal and unique to your experiences.

Q: Can you describe what it feels like to be on “The Waterfront” - our quarter-mile oceanfront promenade featuring bars, restaurants and stunning views, as you sail through Alaska?

Froggy: Being able to dine outside and take in the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen was truly breathtaking. The trip through the Inside Passage honestly brought many of us to tears. The views were so beautiful they didn’t look real! To be able to sit and eat and relax while taking that all in was awesome. 

Q: The Elvis Duran show is the official "Godparent" of Norwegian Bliss, and at Bliss's big unveiling, your team hit the race track (Norwegian has the only race tracks at sea, cough cough). Who won the most races?

Norwegian Cruises Alaska
Norwegian Bliss Race Track

Froggy: I was told that I was an aggressive driver. I think that just means somebody - or some people - were sore losers. I loved it!!! Btw, I won the races!!

Danielle: We had a fierce competition on that race track!!! In my head I won… even though I didn’t😂I am not saying who, but I think someone cheated.

Elvis: No comment, ha, but I will say this: with Norwegian Bliss, I have found it remarkable that they make 160,000 feet feel like I am cozy and curled up on the couch at home.  The rooms are far and beyond fabulous with anything you want just a stone’s throw (or phone call to one friendly butler) away.