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モンテリコ ビーチの1日


モンテリコ ビーチの1日


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Spend a thoroughly relaxing day at a seaside hotel in nearby Monterrico, a beautiful setting with black volcanic beaches shaded by swaying coconut palms.

After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a lovely coastal drive to Montericco, a former fishing village known for extraordinary beaches and for being a favorite nesting site for leatherback and olive ridley sea turtles. Life here revolves around the sea, and you will enjoy a front-row seat upon arriving at the Dos Mundos Hotel.

You will have complete access to the amenities, so make yourself at home. The hotel is a complex of thatched-roof cabanas constructed in a traditional coastal style, lending it a wonderfully authentic and relaxed atmosphere. Hundreds of tall coconut palms shade the grounds and gardens of indigenous succulents, so it couldn’t be more inviting.

You might bask in the sun poolside or take a refreshing dip in one of the freshwater swimming pools. If you prefer saltwater, the Pacific Ocean is just steps away. The hotel’s exclusive beach is wide, powdery and ideal for strolling along the water’s edge. You will notice that the color of the sand is black, the result of its volcanic origin.

Feel free to take advantage of all the amenities of Dos Mundos, including the restaurants. Because the hotel is on the ocean, seafood is a favorite, although traditional Guatemalan fare is always a fine choice.



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