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エデンで体験 カヤックの魅力


エデンで体験 カヤックの魅力


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Kayak around a stunning South Coast estuarine river brimming with bird and fish life, all at a comfortable pace, allowing you to take in the natural scenery from a water-level perspective.

After departing from the pier, you will soon arrive at the kayak launch for a brief orientation on how to make the most of your kayaking experience. You will then paddle off into the calm waters of the river, gliding past magnificent eucalypt forest and green pastures with a qualified, knowledgeable local guide. Eden’s name says it all. The surrounding area is relatively undeveloped with long stretches of white sand and dense forests that blanket the hills. As you skirt along the river’s shoreline, you will no doubt catch glimpses of some of the local wild life, including a variety of birds.

Midway through your exploration, you’ll stop for morning tea, served on a sandy riverbank with a snack, fresh fruit and your choice of coffee, tea or juice. The experience of kayaking around Eden is wonderfully fulfilling since you will paddle along at your own pace as you enjoy the scenery. After approximately 3 hours on the water, you will return to the pier.

Need to Know:

Note: Those who may wish to take a short swim during the break should wear a swimsuit under their clothing and bring a towel from the ship. The minimum age to participate is 13 years old, and the maximum weight allowance is 265 lbs. The tour operates in single-person kayaks.



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ワイルドライフ ツアー

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このアクティビティレベルのツアーは、長時間にわたる身体運動を基準としています。凹凸または傾斜のある場所での活動、緩やかな流れの中での水泳などを含みます。 体力があり、冒険を好む旅行者の方のみにおすすめします。
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