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セント トーマス島、米領ヴァージン諸島



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Like to snorkel, but not ready to scuba? Then try SNUBA®! Explore the beauty of the Virgin Islands undersea world on a guided tour without cumbersome scuba diving gear. Breathe easily under water and SNUBA to a depth of 20 feet or stay near the surface, wherever you’re most comfortable. Enjoy a scenic drive to Coral World Ocean Park where you’ll be escorted to the Snuba orientation area. Before entering the water, you’ll receive a briefing on how to use the equipment and what you can expect on your dive. Your guide will be with you at all times.

After your SNUBA experience, explore Coral World. See an amazing array of sea creatures in the Caribbean Reef Encounter, a huge recreated living reef and the Marine Gardens’ twenty one jewel aquariums. You’ll be able to watch behaviors hard to see in the wild. Marvel at the grace of the Sea turtles and stingrays. Juvenile sharks make their home in the Shark Shallows. Touch sea stars and sea cucumbers and visit the Lorikeet Garden where you can purchase a cup of nectar to feed these playful and colorful birds. During your visit, you should have an opportunity to catch at least one of the narrated feedings. Shop at one of the unique gift shops and enjoy a snack or a specialty frozen Shark Bite drink at the Shark Bar. Relax and enjoy the views on your scenic drive back to the ship.

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Note: Participants must be at least 8 years of age and weigh no more than 350 lbs. Guests with recent surgeries, high blood pressure, epilepsy, seizures and asthma are not allowed to participant except with a doctor’s authorization letter. Medical waiver required to be completed by every participant.



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このアクティビティレベルのツアーは、石畳の道や凹凸または傾斜のある場所、階段などを含む本格的なウォーキングや、長時間立ったままの活動を基準としています。 身体的な制限のある方のご参加はおすすめしません。 歩きやすく丈夫で安定感のある靴での参加をおすすめします。
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