What are the approved snack and drink items for the Guppies Nursery?

The Nursery is not a food service facility which means meals /drinks cannot be prepared.

Approved drink items*, required by parents are Pre-packaged On-The-Go Juice Boxes or Non-Spill Sippy Cup. The nursery will only provide fountain water.

Bottle Feeding: The Nursery staff will feed your child a bottle. The contents of the bottle must be fully prepared. If needed, a bottle warmer will be used to warm the bottle; the bottle will be cooled, and then served. Anything unused will be returned to the parent upon pick-up.

Approved snack items required by the parents are all in Pre-Packaged On-The-Go Packaging are: Small Crackers (goldfish, animal), Small Cookies, Dried Fruits, Carrot Sticks, Dried Cereal. Snack Items must be in original packaging. Open packaging will not allowed in the nursery. Once opened, excess not consumed will be discarded. These snacks can be brought from home or purchased on board.

For your convenience you can purchase snacks and have them waiting for you upon arrival.

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