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Conwy Castle


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Explore marvelous Conwy Castle, considered by many to be the most impressive of all the Welsh castles. Boasting massive towers and a well-preserved wall that soars to an imposing height, the Castle is truly an awesome sight to behold.

Your journey takes you across the island of Anglesey and a short distance along the North Wales coastline to the old town of Conwy and magnificent Conwy Castle, one of the finest medieval fortifications in the United Kingdom. Its two fortified gateways and eight stone towers sit on a rocky outcrop, making the castle look almost impenetrable. Although ruined now, remains dramatically striking as it stands by the River overlooking a somewhat peculiarly designed pair of bridges that bring the road and railway into the town. Built by Edward I in the 1280s, the castle is so extraordinary that it has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the castle runs the original medieval town wall which is 1400 yards long and has an average height of 30 feet. This was built at the same time as the castle and is the best example in Britain of the defense works introduced by Edward I. Conwy's old wall is virtually intact all around the town, fortified with 21 towers and 3 gateways. As a result, Conwy town center has never been over-run by modern development (all of which has happened outside the walls) and therefore, retains a wonderful ambiance.

The castle tour makes a fine introduction to your exploration of the village of Conwy, where you will have some free time to wander through streets that remain essentially the same as they were in medieval times or join the guide for a walking tour.

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