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Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Experience

Kahului, Maui

Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Experience


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Gain an understanding of the epic Polynesian migration to the Hawaiian Islands in canoes centuries ago and then paddle around the historic harbor in one of these iconic outrigger canoes.

After a short walk to the Canoe Club, you will settle in under a traditional thatched hale and learn about the volcanic formation of the Hawaiian Islands and how the Polynesians migrated here. Incredibly, they paddled thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean in open canoes about 600 years before the Europeans began to sail across the oceans.

Their journey is an epic tale of perseverance and discovery, and to more fully understand it you will hear about the Polynesians’ navigation techniques based on star compasses and ocean currents. You will also hear about the founding of the venerable Canoe Club.

Afterwards, you will ease into a double-hulled outrigger canoe and paddle into the harbor.

You might be surprised by the stability of the canoe and how easy it is to paddle, especially in the sheltered waters of the harbor.

Along the way, an expert paddler from the club will offer instruction and a glimpse into the island’s history. You will see where King Kamehameha I landed his war canoes in 1790 in his successful quest to unify the Hawaiian Islands.

You will also enjoy a spectacular view of the dormant Haleakala volcano and the majestic Maui Mountains and a get close-up look at how the harbor was altered long ago to accommodate the transport of sugar by rail.

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Note: Canoe rides are restricted to paddlers 10 years old and older, no upper age limit, Guests are required to paddle and also walk a distance of 1/4 mile in total.

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