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Sail Huahine by Catamaran

Huahine, French Polynesia

Sail Huahine by Catamaran


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Cruise through the gorgeous lagoon surrounding Huahine and stop along the way for a refreshing dip in translucent, turquoise waters. This picture-perfect setting captures the classic South Pacific of our dreams, a fabulously lush, unspoiled paradise where coconut palms are among the most substantial structures – all ringed by pale, clear waters. And one of the best ways to appreciate this idyllic landscape is from the shaded salon or open-air trampoline decks of a catamaran. This shallow-draft vessel is ideal for snuggling in for spectacular, up-close views of tiny coves that deeper-hulled boats can’t reach. As you circle the lagoon, you’ll see that Huahine is actually made up of two main islands, both of volcanic origin – with just the trace of a sandy land bridge connecting them at lowest tide. After a time spent admiring it all from the boat, your captain will find a perfect spot to stop so you can slip into the water and enjoy the delicious feel of the South Pacific itself on your skin.

Need to Know:

Guests will transfer to/from the pier by small dingy and will use a ladder to enter and exit the catamaran. Guests will be asked to remove their shoes on entering the catamaran. Those choosing to enter the water should be in good physical condition, be comfortable swimming in deep water and able to cope with occasional currents. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests or those with mobility concerns. Guests are cautioned not to touch or step on any coral for both safety and environmental reasons. There is a restroom aboard the catamaran. Those who participate in water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility; participants may be required to sign a waiver to take part in the tour.

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