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Schooner & Snorkeling Adventure

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Schooner & Snorkeling Adventure


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  • Family Recommended

Sail on a schooner to two of Ilha Grande’s most idyllic snorkeling spots: the Blue Lagoon and an isolated beach on the north side of the island.

After departing from the pier in a schooner, you will sail off for the Blue Lagoon, a beautiful body of water known for its brilliant color and astounding clarity. During the hour it takes to reach the lagoon, you will enjoy a unique perspective of Ilha Grande, taking in its densely forested shoreline. The entire island is protected environmentally, so nature reigns supreme.

Upon arriving at the Blue Lagoon, you may see boaters feeding the fish with breadcrumbs, which attracts huge schools. The waters are typically calm and shallow, making the lagoon ideal for snorkeling. Countless species of tropical fish thrive here, and you may also see sea turtles, starfish and sea horses. Dolphins also frequent the lagoon, and it’s a real treat to see them playfully zipping through the sea. The setting couldn’t be more inviting.

Sailing on, you will pass Love Beach before coming upon beautiful Praia de Fora, another idyllic beach on the northern tip of Ilha Grande. During free time, you can do as you please. You may snorkel once again, sunbathe on the golden sand, or stroll along the shore. Because of its remote location, this beach is pristine and the vegetation is thick and lush right up to the sand. After approximately one hour at Praia de Fora, you will sail back to the pier.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes limited walking, mainly at the guests’ discretion. Those who wish to snorkel should be good swimmers and in good physical condition. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests or those with mobility concerns. Swimwear worn under a light cover-up; sun cap; sunglasses; sunscreen; a towel from the ship; and flat, comfortable shoes with a non-slip surface are recommended. There is a limited amount of snorkeling equipment on the boat so guests may wish to bring their own. Those who take part in any water activities do so at their own risk and responsibility.

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