Cruises To Shenzhen

Formerly a simple market town, Shenzen is now one of China's largest and wealthiest cities thanks to its designation as a Special Economic Zones (SEZ). Home to the tallest building in Asia, the Shun Hing Square (Diwang Building), Shenzen is a major financial hub offering celebrated theme parks, expansive greenery, and an active nightlife. The Window of The World theme park is an adventure worth taking, with its replicas of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Taj Majal, an indoor ski slope, and spectacular Chinese dance shows. For a glimpse of pure outdoor beauty, head to the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens, which cover miles of foothills, valleys, and waterways. Challenge yourself on the picturesque climbing trails of Wutong Mountain; reaching the top is a feat to be proud of.


  • Port Name & Location
    Port of Shenzhen; Ship will DOCK at this port.
  • Time Zone
    CST (China Standard Time); UTC/GMT +8 hours
  • Language
    The official language is Mandarin.
  • Currency & Shopping
    Chinese Yuan
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