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Catch & Release Fishing

Harvest Caye, Belize

Catch & Release Fishing


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Go deep-sea fishing in the beautiful, crystal-clear waters off Harvest Caye, which are teeming with highly prized, fun-to-catch fish such as groupers, snappers and jacks.

After departing from the pier in a skiff designed for fishing, you will cruise into the turquoise waters off Harvest Caye, which are teeming with fish. Just settle in and enjoy, as the 32-foot boat races to a spot where the fish have been biting lately.

Once the boat anchors, a crew member will outfit you with all the necessary tackle and bait that the fish should find irresistible. The crew will also offer tips on how best to cast and retrieve the lure or live bait to maximize the experience.

Jacks thrive here among the reefs and if you catch one be prepared for a fierce fight. They typically weigh up to five pounds, but can be much larger. Easy to identify by their steep heads and deeply forked tails, jacks are often caught here.

If you catch a striped fish that grunts like a pig when you pull it out of the water, it will be a grunt. They make that characteristic sound by grinding the teeth deep in their throats. Grunts tend to school in the many reefs and sea beds off Harvest Caye.

Many types of groupers are found in deeper waters near rocks, drop-offs and ledges. Although groupers are slow swimmers, they can be powerful, especially the massive ones.

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