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Exclusive Fly Fishing

Costa Maya, Mexico

Exclusive Fly Fishing


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Try your hand at fly fishing in remote Bacalar Channels, an area teeming with big game fish such as tarpon and permit.

After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a leisurely drive to Xcalak, a small town near the secluded Bacalar Channels. The Mayans, Spanish and pirates once used the channels for various purposes, none of which even hint at the channels’ main attraction today—fishing.

Upon arriving, you will join a local guide and one other guest and board a shallow-water skiff for a one-of-a-kind fly-fishing adventure. You don’t have to be an expert, as the guide will show you the best techniques for these waters. All the necessary fly-fishing equipment will be provided, leaving you with nothing to do but concentrate on catching fish.

The waterways, especially the flats, are teeming with prized big game fish such as tarpon, a sought-after species known as the silver king for the way it flashes in the sunlight when it leaps. Tarpon are among the strongest and best fighters, so if you hook one, hang on.

Permit also thrive in these waters. They are easy to identify by their deeply forked tails and thin bodies. Don’t be fooled by their size; even the smaller ones put up a fierce battle.

Other fish that you may catch include snapper and snook. The latter features a prominent black stripe that runs the length of its body. When hooked, they tend to make long runs and high jumps when hooked.

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