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El Salto Hiking

Ensenada, Mexico

El Salto Hiking


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Hike through one of the most spectacularly picturesque canyons in the Guadalupe Valley with a knowledgeable guide that will describe the area’s fascinating natural history. The deeper you hike into El Salto canyon, the more dramatic the terrain. The walls will become so steep in places that not even the midday sun will reach the bottom of the canyon. El Salto, which means The Jump, is strewn with massive boulders, and at times you must hop from one to another to make your way along the trail. The difficulty of the route will make the hike all the more rewarding. To enhance the adventure, the guide will elaborate on the geological formation of this black-rock canyon and whatever wildlife you may come across. Birds such as red-tailed hawks and Western kingbirds are often spotted. You might also see spiny lizards sunning on the boulders and scurrying about the arid terrain.

• Hike through El Salto, a steep black-rock canyon in the beautiful Guadalupe Valley.
• Gain an understanding of the canyon’s extraordinary natural history from the guide.
• Look for wildlife such as birds and lizards that thrive in the arid environment.

• Dress in weather-appropriate clothing.
• Wear flat comfortable walking shoes.

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Note: There is uneven and uphill terrain and boulders. Guests should be able to walk on their own with no history of neck or back injuries. This tour is not recommended for pregnant women.

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