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Huatulco Archaeological Site & Market Shopping

Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco Archaeological Site & Market Shopping


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Discover the best kept secret of Huatulco’s history and the stunning natural scenery at the Copalita River Ruins. Located 20 minutes southeast of modern Huatulco, the remains of this ancient city is thought to be of Zapotec origin, but was eventually conquered by the Aztecs. The site lies on the Copalita River and is surrounded by lush forest vegetation. Your guide will lead you through the site and share information about the history of Huatulco and the ancient inhabitants of this world hidden among the superb fauna, flora and unbeatable natural landscapes. As you walk along the ancient stone pathways you’ll have the chance to observe tropical and migratory birds in the area near the river. You’ll see the field where the ancient ball game was played, foundations of homes and pyramids and some carved stones. You may even have the opportunity to see how archaeologists and anthropologists work.

Continue on to the charming town of La Crucecita where you can meet the locals and stroll around the town center. Visit the local church and admire the world’s largest painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe on its ceiling. The state of Oaxaca is famous in Mexico and throughout the world for its colorful hand woven fabrics and traditional foods including an excellent Oaxaca fresh white cheese. You’ll get to taste some of these regional delicacies at a small store with a demonstration of the local cuisine. You’ll also learn how the inhabitants carry on the traditions of their ancestors making colorful woven rugs, carpets and fabrics hand milled on traditional looms. The town also offers a great variety of handicrafts and local products such as wood carved mythical animals, black pottery from the central valleys of Oaxaca, Mezcal a well-known tequila, chocolate, organic coffee, clothes, wines and liquors and more.

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Note: Walking is at guest’s discretion, most areas are not wheelchair accessible. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, a hat, sunscreen and bug repellent.

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