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Discover Alaska's Whales

Juneau, Alaska

Discover Alaska's Whales


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Become a citizen science observer for the day aboard a safari vessel, where you will observe marine animals such as humpback whales and collect data of great scientific value. After departing from the pier, you will soon board a safari vessel specifically designed for wildlife viewing. The custom-built vessel features large-panel windows and sits low in the water to offer the best vantage point from inside the heated cabin or out on the open bow. A naturalist guide will be onboard as you take on the role of a citizen science observer, which entails collecting data and documenting wildlife activities for a local university and regional science programs. During the cruise, you will attempt to track and record the behaviors of various marine creatures, including humpback whales. It will be a hands-on experience that may include invasive species monitoring, humpback whale identification, and recording observations of marine mammals. Your completed data log will be used to help scientists improve their understanding of the marine food chain and environmental factors that affect wildlife populations. You might even spot a humpback whale breaching the water’s surface, as they feed voraciously here to fatten up for their winter migration south. Whatever you observe and record, you can be assured that your effects will contribute to the safeguarding and deepening of our understanding of the delicate marine environments of Southeast Alaska.

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Note: Guests are recommended to wear comfortable clothing, dress in layers with comfortable walking shoes. Be prepared with clothing suitable for rainy climates. Guests must be able to independently navigate the few steps to board the vehicles and vessel, as well as a sloped ramp leading down to the boat harbor docks that is steepened depending on the level of the tides. Group size is limited to 20 participants to ensure a comfortable and personal experience. Whale sightings are guaranteed or you’ll receive $100 cash back at the conclusion of the tour. *Whale Sighting Guarantee May-September.* Liability waiver required to be signed in the presence of the tour operator. Bottled water and a light snack are included. Tour operator encourages guests to bring a reusable water bottle to minimize plastic use. A complementary digital booklet, “Discover Alaska’s Whales” is provided as a memento of your day. Guests who go ashore do so with the understanding that they will be mixing with members of the general public. Bring a camera as all tour participants are eligible to enter the tour operator's Capture Juneau Photo Contest and win cash prizes.

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