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Express Whale Watching

Juneau, Alaska

Express Whale Watching


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Look for whales and other marine life while cruising through the pristine waters not far off from port, a luxury that most other destinations can’t offer. The bays, channels and passages within just minutes of Juneau are teeming with marine life, none more spectacular to watch than humpback whales. They put on quite the show while feeding on massive amounts of shrimp-like krill, their favorite food. A single humpback whale can eat a literal ton of these tiny creatures in one day using its baleen – a sort of strainer attached to its upper jaw – to separate the krill from the water. Sometimes, several humpback whales work together in a behavior known as bubble-net feeding to push the krill into a giant ball before consuming them from underneath right before breaching the water’s surface. It is a spectacular display of the power, beauty and ingenuity of these extraordinary marine mammals.


• Cruise into the waters just off Juneau and look for marine life, especially humpback whales.
• Hear commentary about the animals that inhabit the waters surrounding Juneau.
• Enjoy whale watching in a time frame that allows for exploration of other areas in Juneau.


• Dress in weather-appropriate clothing.
• Wear flat comfortable walking shoes.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour is wheelchair accessible. Combined weight of guest and mobility device cannot exceed 600 pounds. Mobility devices must have a maximum length of 48-inches, a maximum width of 32-inches and minimum ground clearance of 3.5-inches. 24 hours advanced noticed is required to request an ADA motor coach. This tour cannot accommodate scooters, only wheelchairs.

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