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Wildlife Safari & Beach Bonfire

Ketchikan, Alaska

Wildlife Safari & Beach Bonfire


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On this one-of-a-kind wildlife safari, your knowledgeable Captain will use their understanding of tides, weather and seasonal evolutions to design an expedition uniquely suited to the day. Humpback and orca whales, Dall’s porpoise, harbor seals and eagles are a few of the species that thrive in this pristine environment. As animals are sighted, the Captain will maneuver the vessel to provide optimal views, and your expert Naturalist will explain their fascinating life-cycles and behaviors.

Take a leisurely break from cruising to step ashore on remote Annette Island, welcomed by a greeting from your Tsimshian Alaska Native hosts: “La Gwelga Lak!” (The Fire Has Been Lit!). This gentle bay area, with a sloping beach fringed with lush vegetation, presents stunning views of the surrounding islands. Here, you have will have the opportunity to explore the old-growth and enjoy an Alaska-style beach bonfire. While your camp hosts tend the fire, you can indulge your adventurer’s appetite with a scrumptious feast that includes reindeer sausage hotdogs, kettle chips, salmonberry jam and other local delights, while sipping on a complimentary Alaskan Amber Beer, or your choice of wine, soda or juice. Finish your meal with an American classic, roasting marshmallows for s’mores made with locally-crafted chocolate.

Back aboard the vessel, you’ll continue exploring the coastline and scanning the water for signs of wildlife while enjoying complimentary coffee, tea and hot chocolate. You may also wish to purchase locally-harvested items such as smoked salmon, devil’s club tea, pickled bull kelp and salmon jerky.

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Note: Wildlife is frequent, but not guaranteed. All guests should be able to navigate a 5-rung ladder and be able to navigate tide variable ramps and stairways. This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or for guests using assistive devices including wheelchairs and walkers. Wear warm layers and comfortable walking shoes. Guests who go ashore do so with the understanding that they will be mixing with members of the general public.

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