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Golden Bean Coffee, Scenic Drive & Lunch

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Golden Bean Coffee, Scenic Drive & Lunch


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See how coffee is grown and harvested through sustainable farming at a premium coffee estate, and then enjoy lunch at a small hotel with a charming colonial ambiance.

After departing from the pier, you will settle in for a meandering drive into the beautiful interior of Costa Rica. In the shadow of two national parks, you will find Golden Bean Coffee Tour, an estate that has been growing and harvesting coffee for nearly a century.

Here, you will watch the process firsthand and step by step. The cherries or fruit of the coffee trees is hand-picked, fermented, dried, husking and graded, all before being roasted. You will also observe this latter process, one of the key steps that imparts flavor.

The resulting beans are Universal Trade Zone-certified, a distinction given only to products grown with sustainable farming techniques. It is a difference that you can taste, as you will discover over a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The guide will also offer tips on how to maximize the flavor of the coffee that you brew at home.

Golden Bean Coffee Tour is located in one of Costa Rica’s eight coffee regions, each with its own microclimate. Some of the coffees are chocolaty, others fruity and still others impart complex citrus flavors.

Following your immersion into the world of coffee, you will continue on to the exclusive boutique hotel Casa Turire for lunch. Afterwards, you will be free to stroll the hotel grounds.

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Note: Wear light clothing and comfortable walking shoes, bring insect repellent and sun screen. There are 45 steps going down at the coffee processing venue.

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