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Whale and Dolphin Spotting

St. Georges, Grenada

Whale and Dolphin Spotting


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Cruise the waters off Grenada looking for whales and dolphins, which are spotted year-round because more than a dozen species of cetaceans inhabit the surrounding sea.

After departing from the pier in a boat designed for sightseeing, you will head into the waters on the western shore of Grenada. Over the next several hours, the captain will cruise through the areas where whales and dolphins are most likely to be spotted.

More than a dozen species of whales pass by Grenada during the year, and it’s always a thrill to spot one of these behemoths breaching the water’s surface. While there is no guarantee that you will see one, chances are good. It can be quite the show if a humpback whale surfaces, as these massive creatures weigh up to 40 tons and reach a length of more than 60 feet. The name humpback refers to the way the whales arch their backs when diving.

They breach the water numerous ways—sometimes hurling their bodies above the surface and other times slapping the surface with only their chins or tail flukes. Male humpback whales are known for their “songs,” a complex sequence of moans, chirps and other noises that might be used to attract mates.

The boat is equipped with a hydrophone so you can hear these sounds, which travel great distances through the sea. Scientists are still trying to decipher their exact meanings, but it is thought that the whales are communicating to attract mates.

Following your whale and dolphin adventure, you will sail back to the pier in St. Georges.

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Note: This tour is primarily seated in nature. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and those with mobility concerns are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. Anyone suffering from motion sickness should take necessary precautions before commencing the tour. Lightweight clothing; flat, comfortable walking shoes; sun cap; sunglasses; sunscreen; and insect repellant are recommended. Participants may be required by the local operator to sign a liability waiver before being allowed to take part in the tour. No one under 18 years of age is permitted to consume alcohol. While likely, wildlife sightings are not guaranteed.

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