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Best of Naples - Pompeii, Archaeological Museum & Pizza

Naples, Italy

Best of Naples - Pompeii, Archaeological Museum & Pizza


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Discover the missing pieces of the puzzle when you visit Pompeii’s ruins, learn of its history and see the treasures housed at the archeological museum. Experience the "original pizza" in the city that boasts the world's first pizzeria, dating back to 1830, and see the sites of Naples. Travel along the coast with magnificent views of the Bay of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius as a backdrop. This still active volcano buried Pompeii in 79 A.D. At the ruins of Pompeii, you'll discover the archeological excavations of a lost city buried deep beneath the ash from Mt. Vesuvius. Your walking tour takes in the city's baths, villas, theaters and wrestling grounds.

Your guide will point out the remarkably preserved remains that hint at daily Roman life and will tell you about their customs and culture. Highlights include stunning frescoes and elaborately detailed mosaic-inlaid floors of wealthy homeowners' villas. On the way back to Naples, you’ll stop at a cameo factory where artisans have honed their craft for generations. You'll have some time to shop intricately carved brooches, rings and bracelets. Sit back and enjoy classic Pizza Margherita at a typical Neapolitan pizzeria accompanied by a mixed green salad and beverage.

Before heading to your next stop, take a sightseeing loop around the city for a quick orientation, driving past the round towered Castel Nuovo, San Carlo Opera House, Umberto Gallery, the Royal Palace and San Francesco di Paola Church. You’ll visit The National Archaeological Museum highlights include the Farnese Bull and a classical Roman sculpture depicting figures from Greek mythology. The museum houses a collection of murals, frescoes and mosaics from Pompeii and Herculaneum.

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Note: This tour involves substantial walking approximately 2 1/2 miles and 40 steps to negotiate. Large bags, backpacks, wheeled carts and trolleys aren’t permitted in Pompeii. During summer, expect high temperatures, crowds and lines - dress in layers and bring bottled water. Tour does not operate on Tuesdays.

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