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A Cruise to Cinque Terre

La Spezia, Italy

A Cruise to Cinque Terre


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One of the most pristine areas in the Mediterranean, the Cinque Terre consists of five miles of rocky coastline nestled between two promontories. It is named for the five small neighboring towns - Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. The towns, terraced along the coastal cliffs, are all quite similar in appearance, with dry-laid stone walls, winding footpaths, hillsides dotted with vineyards, and perhaps most famously, breathtaking views of the sea. The towns couldn't be more delightful or unspoiled, which earned Cinque Terre the distinction of being both a National Park and UNESCO protected territory.

This tour also includes a short cruise to Vernazza, one of the most popular villages of the five. It's located along the Vernazzola stream and clings spectacularly to the rocky face of a cliff. Narrow, steep paths descend toward the main road, which leads to a charming waterside square. Here, you can take in the local atmosphere and gaze upon the typical tower-shaped houses. There are also many other architecturally elaborate buildings decorated by portals and porticos, which serve as a reminder of Vernazza's prosperity under Genoese domination.

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Note: This tour includes considerable walking as well as embarking and disembarking local boats and is not considered suitable for wheelchair guests or those with mobility concerns. It is recommended that comfortable walking shoes with non-slip soles be worn. If due to weather/sea conditions, Cinque Terre cannot be reached, the alternative village to be visited is Portovenere.

The boat will make a stop in Portovenere to off-load and pick up guests from LPZ-006 tour.

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