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Akaroa Highlights

Akaroa, Nueva Zelanda

Akaroa Highlights


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Here’s your opportunity to explore one of New Zealand’s most treasured destinations - Akaroa, the first town to be settled in the South Island. French colonists arrived here over 160 years ago and today their Gallic influence remains in the town’s architecture and street names.

Start with a scenic 45-minute ride through the lush Akaroa countryside, with its picturesque bays, panoramic views of rolling hills and sheep grazing in the green fields. New Zealand is known for its sheep industry, as your first destination will show you.

You'll arrive at Manderley Farm, one of many farms in this area of Canterbury, greeted by a friendly hello and a spot of morning tea. After your refreshment, experienced farm hands will then lead you to the sheep-shearing shed where you'll get to see a demonstration. Another key member of the sheepherding team is the dog. You'll marvel at the considerable talents of these four-legged herders as they perform a lively display of their abilities for you. See top New Zealand sheep dogs gather a mob of sheep from nearly hills herding them down for their master for your photo opportunity. These champion sheep dogs will take whistle commands from half a mile distance with speed and agility. Ross will talk about his life experiences farming the hills over the last 30 years.

Leaving Manderley Farm, head back towards Akaroa and "The Giant's House." Originally known as Linton, the house is a unique part of the history of Akaroa – nestled in a secluded valley, it was built in 1880 for Akaroa's first bank manager. This grand house is reminiscent of the French style typical of Akaroa and features extensive use of native totara and kauri wood and has a magnificent imported staircase of mahogany and numerous classic features. The gardens are like a living art gallery with a sculpture mosaic garden that's colorful, exuberant, interactive, romantic, fun and full of surprises. Touches of whimsy create many magical moments and make for an unforgettable experience.

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Tours with this activity level involve walking over relatively level terrain, possibly some cobblestone, gravel, or a few steps. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
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