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A Visit to an Abandoned Village

Isafjordur, Islandia

A Visit to an Abandoned Village


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Travel from Isafjordur to the Jökulfirdir Fjord by boat to visit a remote village deserted by all its residents over 60 years ago. The only way to get to Hesteyri is from the water; it’s about a 70-minute ride. The tiny settlement never did have any roads leading to it, and no electricity or telephone links. What it did have – and still does – is an outstandingly picturesque setting amidst steep snow-dusted mountains and quiet, secluded coves. Notwithstanding the natural beauty, in the 1940s the 80 inhabitants decided they’d had enough, and by 1952 the last of them had moved away. Many of their structures still stand, little changed from how they were then. And since the village has been an ecologically protected area for decades, the native flora and fauna have had a field day.

Hikers here often encounter Arctic foxes, seals, and birds of many types. You’ll stroll around the eerily empty village with your guide, enjoying traditional Icelandic refreshments at a house where the doctor used to live. Don’t miss this chance for what will certainly be an excursion unlike any other you take this voyage.

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Note: The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and those with mobility concerns are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of ability before participating. Those prone to motion sickness should take the necessary precautions.

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