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Hola, Harvest Caye! Never heard of it? Neither had I, and this is what makes the luxury island a premier port stop and centerpiece for Norwegian Cruise Line. The intimate and resort-style destination is part of The Norwegian Edge, Norwegian Cruise Line's program that introduces the highest of standards to the high seas.

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Where is Harvest Caye located?

Let's start with the essentials: Harvest Caye is located in Southern Belize, a small country in Central America that combines the mystique of dense rain forest and Mayan culture with the magic of turquoise Caribbean seas and endless white sands.

What this means for you is an opportunity to experience the ultimate fantasy island: One of Norwegian's most scenic beachscapes combined with consummate luxury and adventure trips. It's no wonder Harvest Caye has been voted Best New Cruise Port; in my humble opinion, read on for my reasons why.

Harvest Caye

Why Cruise to Harvest Caye?

One could argue there are many more than just four reasons to cruise to Harvest Caye. Once you immerse yourself in its natural beauty and culture on the 75-acre oasis, you'll understand why. The exclusive island features an expansive pool with a swim-up bar, salt-water lagoon for water sports, exclusive 7-acre beach and exciting shore excursions ranging from zip lining across the island to snorkeling the world's second largest barrier reef. Want to dive deeper? Read ahead for our four top reasons.

1. The Edge

Let's take a step back from the beach for a moment and view the big picture. The Norwegian Edge program, offered aboard Norwegian's favorite ships in the fleet, has redefined contemporary style and sumptuous meals onboard. This is why the itinerary addition of Harvest Caye feels like the perfect complement to high style, as well as a redefinition of cruise standards for discerning guests.

2. The Natural Beauty

Imagine a 75-acre slice of paradise all for your vacation pleasure. The beach alone stretches for seven acres, and there is also a saltwater lagoon. From below the seas, the area boasts the world's second largest barrier reef. From above, you'll want to scale the 136-foot lighthouse for breathtaking views and Facebook photo ops.

Most impressive of all is The Flighthouse for aerial adventure, featuring 3,000 feet of zip-lining thrills across the island, as well as free-fall jumps, short jumps, and an observation deck.

Harvest Caye Water Sports

3. Water Activities

If you've never snorkeled before, it doesn't get any better than Belize's tropical oasis. However, you'll have a hard time choosing a favorite water activity. You can kayak, paddleboard, or sail upon an electric float boat. However, if your ultimate goal is to linger poolside, plop yourself on a lounge chair alongside the island's 15,000 square foot swimming pool enhanced with cascading waterfalls.

Better yet, reserve yourself a luxury beach cabana, offering intimacy for your island pleasure. These exclusive abodes can also accommodate up to six guests and include comforts such as food and beverage service, concierge, indoor and outdoor showers, as well as private bathrooms and air conditioning.

4. Shopping & Dining

If you're feeling famished after a morning of floating on your back, no need to get vertical. Instead, simply backstroke over to the swim-up pool bar where you'll find tables and stools inside the pool!

Along the marina, you'll also find a diverse food and bar selection, as well as a shopping village. You'll definitely want to end your day's excursion with a souvenir, and there are plenty to select from, including local Belizean arts and crafts.

A special trinket or piece of jewelry procured on this little island not only offers a precious memento; it may be your only means of proving to friends back home that this tropical paradise truly exists.

Harvest Caye Zip Line

NOTA DEL EDITOR: este artículo se publicó originalmente el 7 de agosto de 2017. Se ha actualizado para mostrar los itinerarios relacionados.