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Are you considering a cruise from Puerto Rico? Norwegian Cruise Line offers several cruise vacations that depart from San Juan to the Caribbean for a tropical escape through beautiful islands and countries. If you have time to explore, there's no shortage of things to see and do in San Juan before or after your cruise, too.

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1. San Juan City Tour

Spend 2.5 hours on a guided drive through San Juan, where you can explore the city's beautiful 17th-century architecture and more.   Tour por San Juan stops at important sights like Fort San Cristobal, especially the "Garitas" watchtowers, the main plaza, and more. Your driving tour will also take you to the more modern parts of San Juan, such as the Condado District. Here you'll find luxury resorts and high-rise condos.

You will also have photo opportunities at the Capitol Building and one of San Juan's best beaches. Your tour will end at the famous Plaza Colón where you are free to explore on your own.

2. El Yunque Rainforest Drive

If you've seen San Juan before and you want to experience more of Puerto Rico's natural beauty, consider an excursion to El Yunque Rainforest. El Yunque is the only rainforest that is part of the United States National Forest System. Your tour includes a stop at a waterfall, the Observation Tower, and the Tourist Visitation Center. If the weather is good, you can take a short walk along the forest on a mostly paved trail. You'll have beautiful panoramic views and the ability to see numerous types of flora, This experience is great for families, but your kids must be at least three years of age.

If you're short on time, there's an El Yunque tour that includes an airport transfer. This tour is designed for guests who have flights departing from San Juan later than 4:30 PM.

El Yunque Rainforest
Experience the lush majesty of El Yunque Rainforest.

3. Old San Juan Culinary, Cocktails & History

Learn about San Juan's history while walking, eating, and drinking. Los Old San Juan Culinary, Cocktails, and History tour takes you on a walking tour that combines history, culture, and local gastronomy. You'll see numerous interesting sights on your tour, plus get to taste iconic Puerto Rican delicacies such as mofongo and drink unique cocktails. You'll have four tasting stops, which are bigger than just small bites, so bring your appetite. The bonus is this tour helps Puerto Rico's agricultural heritage by taking you places that only use local and sustainably sourced ingredients.

4. Surfing Lessons in Puerto Rico

Have you ever wanted to learn how to surf? Consider taking surfing lessons in Puerto Rico. Here you'll get to try it at a safe beach with small waves. Your instructor will teach you about proper equipment, how to stretch, and how to stand up on the board. You'll also learn important things like how mother nature impacts your surfing, along with beach rules between locals.

Note, participants on this tour must be at least eight years old, be able to swim well, and weigh less than 250 lbs.

Rum Cocktails
Mix up a rum cocktail while learning some salsa moves.

5. Rum, Sun, and Salsa

Puerto is definitely known for its rum. If you want to learn about rum's history and even create your own cocktail, the Rum, Sun, and Salsa tour is for you. And, the salsa in this tour isn't the kind you eat either—get ready to dance!

Your tour starts with a history lesson on sugar cane and rum on the island. Your guide will introduce you to the national drink of Puerto Rico-the Piña Colada. You'll then have the opportunity to sample several local rums and learn how to identify flavors. You will then get to try making two rum-based cocktails while snacking on some light bites.

After you've had a little rum, it's now time to learn some salsa moves. Good rum and salsa dancing; it doesn't get much better than this!

6. Fiesta Latina

If you are interested in learning more about the music and dance from Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries, consider booking the Fiesta Latina excursion. Here you will watch a folkloric performance at a popular local venue. This show will highlight the most traditional songs and dances from Puerto Rico.

Other Latin and Caribbean cultures are distinguishable, including Brazil, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. There are also African beats and similarities to Spain's flamenco. One portion of the show is dedicated to La Plena. This genre was born in Puerto Rico. The music is characterized by heavy use of tambourines.

Tour Old San Juan on a Bicycle
Tour Old San Juan on a bicycle.

7. Old San Juan on a Bicycle

Are you looking for a more active way to experience San Juan? Skip a walking tour and book Antiguo San Juan en bicicleta. You and a group of experienced cyclists can explore Old San Juan for a couple of hours while riding around. The tour is about two hours and includes riding by former battlegrounds, Plazoleta de la Rogativa, Santa Catalina Palace, Christopher Columbus Square, and more.

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