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Norwegian Bliss near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, along with twin city San José del Cabo, helps make up Los Cabos, one of the most popular vacation destinations in Mexico. According to the Los Cabos Tourism Board, more than 3 million people visit Los Cabos every year via air and cruises.

To help you plan your day, consider our recommendations for the top things to in Cabo San Lucas, México.

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Aerial view of
Aerial view of "El Arco" near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Land's End Rock Formations

The rock formations surrounding the tip of the Baja California Peninsula are among the best-known landmarks around Los Cabos. They occupy an area of water where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, called Land's End. Once you draw near, you'll have spectacular views of formations such as:

  • El Arco ("The Arch"): This 200-foot granite arch-shaped formation is probably the defining natural structure of Los Cabos. On rare occasions, the sea level lowers enough to reveal a beach under the arch, allowing visitors to walk under it.
  • Roca Pelicanos ("Pelican Rock"): Located on the northeast side of the cape, RocaPelicanos is home to an array of wildlife. Aside from the eponymous pelicans, you may spot sea urchins, pufferfish, angelfish, and various other marine lifeforms among the coral polyps on the rock's underside.
  • La Lobera ("The Rookery"): La Lobera is a large, flat, wave-washed rock where sea lions are known to bask. Turtles, eels, whale sharks, and even octopuses occupy the area as well.

To get the best view of the Land's End rock formations, all you have to do is board a sailboat from the downtown marina. We recommend timing your trip to coincide with sunset, as the light of the golden hour helps make for a stunning perspective. We also recommend signing up for our Tour en barco por Land's End shore excursion, which takes you sightseeing among the Land's End formations in a neat one-hour package.

Get in the Water

With its azure and crystalline waters. Cabo San Lucas is a water sport enthusiast's dream. One of the most accessible and relaxing water activities for visitors to the area is snorkeling. Santa Maria Bay, Chileno Bay, and Land's End are among the best places for snorkeling because of the abundance of wildlife you're likely to encounter there. From September to May, you may even have the chance to see whale sharks.

Other fun and popular water sports in the area are kayaking and paddleboarding, which may be preferable for those who want to get up-close views of the wildlife without being fully submersed. However, if you'd like to participate in multiple water activities, take a look at our Three-in-One: Paddle, Kayak & Snorkel shore excursion, which gives you the best of every experience.

Whale in the sea of Cortes, Cabo San Lucas
Whale in the sea of Cortes, Cabo San Lucas

Go Whale-Watching

If water sports aren't your bag but you still want to make terrific use of your time on the water, we recommend you go whale-watching. Humpback whales, gray whales, and other species migrate to this area between December and April, giving visitors a sight to remember. From the safety of your boat, witness these enormous sea mammals breach, spout, and slap their broad tails on the sparkling water, and snap some of the most unforgettable photos you'll ever take.

Horseback riding in Los Cabos
Horseback riding in Los Cabos

Go Off-Roading

The Los Cabos landscape is another major attraction, especially for off-road enthusiasts. Along the coast you'll find numerous outfitters who rent out utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) and organize off-road tours. Off-roading is a faster-paced way to explore the natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas, one that may be especially appealing to thrill-seekers. Alternatively, you can also find places that rent out horses, camels, or electric bicycles instead, if you'd like to take a more leisurely off-road tour.

Here, too, Norwegian offers several convenient tour packages to help you get the most value out of your off-roading adventure. We have two Off-Road UTV Adventures packages, one for two-seaters y another for four-seaters. We also have the Desierto mexicano y paseo en camello excursion, the Paseo a caballo por Pacific Beach excursion, and the Aventura playera en bicicleta eléctrica excursion, so everyone can explore the splendor of Cabo San Lucas in the manner they prefer.

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