Are face coverings required?

For all sailings:

Guests are not required to wear masks onboard. The decision to wear a mask covering when onboard is at the discretion of each guest unless local regulations require masks.

Please visit Cruise Travel Requirements by Country for more information about the destinations requirements and mask type required.

All crew members are required to wear face coverings while onboard.

In addition, local regulations must be adhered to while in port.

What vaccines will be accepted?

Are children allowed to sail on your ships if they are not vaccinated?

What completed travel documents do I need to board the ship?

How do I know if there are any travel restrictions that could impact my cruise?

Will any countries visited during the cruise require additional testing to enter the country?

Will I have to sign a COVID-19 waiver to board a ship?

How will you maintain physical distancing onboard?

Are there any onboard activities that will not be available?

What happens if I get sick while onboard?

What is Contact Tracing and can I opt-out?

Are these all of the health & safety protocols that will be implemented during my cruise?

What happens if I don’t comply with the Company's health and safety requirements?

Will guests who are recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies still be required to be vaccinated?

Will buffets still be offered onboard?

Will I be required to take a COVID test to disembark the vessel? Or will NCL offer testing onboard to meet travel requirements for guests flying back to countries that require negative COVID-19 test results to re-enter the country post cruise?

Can I explore on my own while in port?

Will I be required to take a COVID-19 test in order to embark on the second leg of a back-to-back sailing?

If I am denied boarding, will I receive assistance with travel arrangements?

Can I buy travel insurance through Norwegian Cruise Line?

Will all guests be required to be vaccinated prior to the cruise?

Will proof of vaccination be required for all cruises even in the future?

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19 upon disembarkation?

Will you have additional medical staff on board?

How have you extended your health and safety protocols to land?

How do you determine which ports are safe to visit?

What is the new ship guest capacity?

Do I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival at the terminal?

Will I receive a refund for my cruise if I test positive for COVID-19 prior to embarkation, at embarkation, or during my cruise or if I need to cancel due to a new government travel restriction? What about other members in my party?

If I booked a pre-cruise Cruisetour, do I need to take a COVID-19 test prior to arrival at the terminal?

I want to make/I have a booking with a child under the age of twelve who is not fully vaccinated, what options are available?

Will there be any areas on board unavailable to unvaccinated children travelling with vaccinated parents?

Are boosters required?

If I recently recovered from COVID-19, do I need to get tested prior to embarkation?

What are your cleaning and sanitation standards on ships?

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