Norwegian Cruise Line Environmental Commitment

It is an integral part of our company ethos to promote the preservation of the planet that is so vastly connected to our operations.

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Protecting the Future of Our Oceans

Our mission is to continually improve our sustainability culture through fresh innovation, progressive education and open collaboration.

Norwegian Cruise Line understands that protecting our oceans is not only vital to our industry but also to our planet. Our Company's Safety, Security, Health and Environmental Protection policy establishes the commitment to conduct our operations safely, securely and with sensitivity to the environment around us. This commitment to the preservation of our oceans and environmental stewardship has made Environmental Protection one of our core company values. We are committed to:

  • Preventing accidents and incidents involving pollution of the environment,
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our operations,
  • Disposing rubbish and materials in accordance with national and international rules and regulations,
  • Recycling and re-using materials, and
  • Continual improvement of our specific ISO 14001 certification objectives and target.

Across our fleet, we have implemented many of the most innovative environmental policies and technologies in the cruise industry. As such, we meet or exceed all international, national, state and local port regulations, including those set by MARPOL, the US Coast Guard (USCG) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are also accredited to the international ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems. This achievement recognises that we utilise a core set of standards for an effective environmental management system that reduces our environmental impact and increase our operating efficiency.

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Environmental Reports

Please click here to view our latest Stewardship Report for 2017.

Please click here to view our latest Environmental Report for 2016.

Environmental Awards and Accolades

2016: Port of Seattle Green Gateway Partners Award
Maritime Award of Americas
2015: Port of Seattle Green Gateway Partners Award
Venice Port Authority Blue Flag Award
2014 USCG William M. Benkert Marine Environmental Protection Award - Silver
2012 Port of Seattle Green Gateway – Silver Partner
2010 USCG William M. Benkert Marine Environmental Protection Award – Gold
Port of Seattle Green Gateway - Gold Partner
2009 Port of San Francisco Cruise Ship Environmental Award
Venice Port Authority Blue Flag Award
2008 Port of San Francisco Cruise Ship Environmental Award
Venice Port Authority Blue Flag Award
2007 Venice Port Authority Blue Flag Award

Innovative Technologies Onboard

All ships are currently equipped with state-of-the-art advanced wastewater treatment systems that treat black water and gray water to near drinking-water standards. Our systems onboard ensure that our vessels are minimising their impact in sensitive areas, such as Alaska and the Baltic Sea.

Our ships are equipped with the latest emulsion-breaking oily water separators, which perform a multi-step process to ensure that only clean water, which far exceeds regulatory requirements, is discharged to sea. Discharges are led through a comprehensive monitoring and recording system to ensure that the treated water exceeds all standards.

A wide range of energy efficiency and water conservation programmes that have been implemented onboard the vessels. One initiative, and an easy way for all guests to assist with water conservation whilst onboard, is the option to re-use towels rather than having them replaced every day.


Norwegian enforces a zero-tolerance policy for any items thrown overboard. If an environmental incident is observed, guests, crew and shoreside employees are encouraged to use the "Doing What's Right" hotline.

We routinely recycle plastics, aluminum, steel and oily sludge. In 2016, 60% of plastic that was landed ashore from our vessels was recycled. Some vessels even achieved recycling rates of over 90%.

We have pioneered recycling of used oil and it is often offloaded for use at shoreside installations as bio-fuel, with our vessels recycling over 95% of the cooking oil that is landed ashore.

Fuel & Energy Conservation

Our ships use low sulfur fuels in environmentally sensitive areas throughout the world to lessen the impact of harmful air emissions.

In 2015, the Norwegian Escape became the first NCL ship to be delivered with an Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGC) system. This technology works by "scrubbing away" the sulfur oxide and particulate matter before the emissions leave the stack to "scrub away" sulfur from the fuel, decrease particulate matter that is released into the air and allow us to be in compliance with emission regulations. Since March of 2017, we have been able to retrofit and equip several other vessels in our fleet with this technology:

  • Pride of America,
  • Norwegian Gem,
  • Norwegian Jade,
  • Norwegian Jewel, and
  • Norwegian Pearl

The Norwegian Joy was delivered in April with an EGC System and our future deliveries of the Norwegian Bliss and the fourth ship of the Breakaway-Plus class will be launched with this system.

The Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Star and the Norwegian Jewel have the capability of connecting to a port’s local electrical power grid, if available.

Numerous other programmes, including use of wasted heat recovery, low power lighting, automatic air conditioning systems, power management automation and optimised voyage routing software help to reduce fuel consumption and air emissions.

Environmental Officers & Crewmembers:

Our crew receives training on environmental procedures, as well as specialised recurring environmental training appropriate for each individual's job and responsibilities. Onboard every ship, a dedicated Environmental Officer oversees all of the environmental operations and monitors performance. Our weeklong Advanced Environmental Training course is mandatory for all Environmental Officers and is also open to onboard senior management, allowing for an increased focus on environmental awareness from the top down.

All senior management also receive Environmental Management Systems Training, in line with our ISO 14001 certification, which includes information on the Company's environmental programmes, procedures to handle and dispose of waste as well as environmental laws policies and procedures.

Each year, a team of seasonal safety and environmental experts audit our ships to ensure compliance to all company policies, as well as international and port state regulations.


North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA)

Venice Blue Flag Port Authority

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Wyland Foundation

Environmental Hotline:

Toll-Free: 1-877-501-5976

International: 1-305-436-4003


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